Snow Days: God’s Gift to Working Adults

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Snow days were a joy when I was younger because that meant no school, but as a working adult who is constantly on the go, snow days have a new meaning to me. They are a gift from God allowing us to slow down and get the things done that we have been meaning to do. No excuses – you’re trapped at home with all the time in the world. What do you do after you have watched hours upon hours of movies or shows on Netflix? What do you do after the driveway is shoveled? What do you do after the snowman and the snow angels have been made? What do you do when you drink all the hot chocolate? What. Do. You. Do?

 Top 10 Things to Do When You’re Snowed In:

1. Spend time with God – praying, reading, journaling, all of the above! As mentioned, snow days are a gift from God! Am I right?! So why not make the most of your solitude and spend time with the one who created those majestic white flakes.

2. Organize!  Color coordinating closets, using label makers to organize paperwork/files, sorting, organizing and de-cluttering are all music to my ears. Now is the time to go through those piles of random junk, or go through your clothes and donate items you don’t wear anymore. You will feel accomplished and lighter once you get rid of things and organize your belongings and a snow day is a perfect day to get things done!

3. Call your best friends or family members that you haven’t talked to in a while! Now is a great time to catch up with friends near and far! If you have phone-a-phobia and don’t enjoy talking on the phone you can opt to send a lengthy email or text and let them know you’re missing them.

4. Send some love via Snail Mail! If writing cards were a spiritual gift I think it would be my top gift. I just love taking the time to write a friend, coworker, or neighbor a card to let them know how much I appreciate them. Who doesn’t love a hand written card? And better yet, who doesn’t love a hand written card arriving in your mailbox amongst the gloomy bills and junk mail? Writing and mailing hand written cards is not an ancient thing your grandparents used to do. It’s hip, encouraging and I’m bringing it back! Snow days are the best time to take advantage of time to write!

5. Read magazines! Somehow I have started receiving numerous amounts of magazines in the mail that I never signed up for. Nowadays with Pinterest at our fingertips lets be honest… ain’t nobody got time to read magazines. I make the time to read books, but magazine reading….now that’s a luxury! You may enjoy turning the pages of a crisp magazine, or smelling the new scents of perfume on those perfumey pages and snow days are a great day to catch up on all the magazines you’ve been using as coasters the past few months.

6. Plan your next vacation! Daydream about  warmer days, research, and plan future vacation spots. You have all the time to investigate the best places to visit, flights, hotels and tourist attractions. What better time to dream of your next vacation then when you’re battling a cold dose of cabin fever.

7. Meal prep and plan! If you’re like most people in town you probably bought enough toilet paper, bread and milk to last you through a zombie apocalypse. Hopefully you also bought some other ingredients as well. Snow days are a great time to plan and prepare meals for when the storm passes. It’s also a great time to experiment with food – use your family as your lab rats and make them try your curried salmon ice cream cupcake recipe that you just found on Pinterest. Try out new meals, make your grocery lists for when the snow melts, or take the time to meal prep. You will be glad you did this!

8. One Word: Laundry! Do the loads on loads on loads on loads of laundry that you have but never have time to do. As long as you have hot water and power – you’ve got no excuse not to wash, dry, fold aaaaaaaand put away. Yes, welcome to adulthood.

9. Spa Day! Use this time to relax and pamper yourself – put on a face mask, whiten your teeth, practice how to contour, take a warm bath, try that new hair conditioning treatment. Want to use self tanner but are afraid of turning out like an Oompa Loompa? Now is the time to do it. And if things take a turn for the worst with the self tanner- your neighbors won’t recognize your new orange hue under all your layers of winter gear.

10. Last but not least – spend time with your family! Being trapped in a home for endless hours with your loved ones may sound like torture…but it’s really a treasure. Life is a blessing and we should take advantage of the time we have together. You should make the most of it and don’t take any second for granted. Get to know your parents, siblings or spouse by asking them questions about their childhood, dreams on their bucket lists, and favorite memories together. Write down family recipes or stories that you may have forgotten in a journal. Enjoy the quality time together and soon you’ll see that family love not only warms your home but also your heart. Cheesey, but true.

Sooo…I hope the next time you’re snowed in you’ll think of other productive things to do other than binging on Netflix even though watching a whole series from to start to finish in a day is normal, right? Uh… asking for a friend.





Fear. We have all felt it. The definition of fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Has fear ever held you back from doing something you’ve always wanted to do? It definitely has held me back from doing something I’ve wanted to do for a loooong time. Fear has held me back from typing these very words you’re reading. Say whaaaaaaa? Yes. It’s true. I’ve always wanted to write a blog. And I’ve never had the cojones to do it. Until now. My motto for 2016 – Be Kind & Be Brave. Here’s to me being brave and finally pursuing something despite the fear of rejection, fear of typos and bad grammar, and the fear of well…the fear of failure. Here’s to being brave. If I can do it, you can too. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do but were afraid of doing – let me encourage you to do it today. You don’t want to be like me and three years from now still be hoping, praying, and wishing to do that one thing that fear has always kept you from doing. Just go for it now!

The past week I had a conversation with a friend who just encouraged me to pursue it. And every single day I told myself I would do it tomorrow, do it tomorrow, do it tomorrow. You catch my drift. But today’s the day! It’s time to cross this bad boy off my bucket list and be brave. I know my sweet husband will be glad to hear I’ve finally written my first post so he doesn’t have to hear “Matt…I really want to start a blog” again!

I hope you join me in this season as I use my blog as a creative opportunity to write, rant and rave about the joys and not-so-joys of life. As that song says…it’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life. And I’m feeeeeeeeling gooooooood!